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Damn I thought college was about having all the sex you possibly can and still passing class. I’m only 50% succeeding at college what is this bullshit

On tumblr trying to not go to French class

But anywho hi I’m on tumblr you should appreciate these moments. 

I went home for the weekend and it was hella nice. I needed a fix of home. My best friend told me that I’m a good person and that really made all the difference. I feel a little better about life now~ Also mom bought me new bras and lots of food so I won’t starve anymore.

I’m losing followers bc I’m in college and I never blog anymore. Oops

I’m so fucking frustrated right now

Fuck college athletic boys who have no respect for anyone else using the gym. If you’re gonna use the free weights, put them back when you’re done instead of leaving them on the fucking floor. If you’re literally just sitting around not lifting, let someone else use the benches. Don’t stare at me and laugh because I’m the sole woman in the weight room. I’m just trying to get in shape like you. Ugh.